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A city of continuous transformation, where each moment is lived to its fullest. A place of reinvention, reimagining, and endless possibilities. Discover a Moment of Energy in Milan with speeches by Chief Design Officer Roberto Palomba and CEO Torsten Türling, and relive the reveal of the new Linda–X Collection.

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Exploring the characters of the city

A truth that binds us.

From your mood, to your mirror, everything has a vibration, everything is connected by energy.

Energy doesn't stop, it is a relentless force of rebirth, reinvention and rejuvenation. Often seeking company, otherwise found blissfully alone.

Energy knows no boundaries.

Leaping from one moment to another in an inspiring journey of beauty, passion, style and romance.

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Discover Milan

Even a short stroll through the neighbourhoods of Milan is enough to be amazed by something unexpected.



Re-energised for a modern era, Linda–X is the quintessence of contemporary living, sustainability and lightness.

Moments of inspiration

We unearth new trends, probe into the heart of design, examine modern lifestyles and put designers in the spotlight in our insatiable quest for inspiration. Open our treasure trove of content.

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