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From music to fashion, art and architecture, London has a long history of surprising, world-changing ideas. This vibrant spirit continues to thrive, driving it forwards with fresh thinking and new ways of doing things. Moments of surprise we're thrilled to share with you.

Embrace the unexpected

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is being open to the unexpected – and often serendipitous – turns in life.

There is so much in life that’s extraordinary – we just have to step away from the ordinary to see it.

Find joy in spontaneity

Sometimes, the experiences we cherish the most are the ones we stumble across when we least expect it.

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The evolution of an iconic design by Giò Ponti, the Tipo-Z washbasin enters the Atelier Collection as an elegant protagonist in a new vision of the bathroom.

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We unearth new trends, probe into the heart of design, examine modern lifestyles and put designers in the spotlight in our insatiable quest for inspiration. Open our treasure trove of content.

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