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How function inspires form

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Every line, every curve and every component of our products is there for a reason. Design is not simply about the exterior. It’s about what’s inside.

The true purpose of the piece – its performance.

Joy vessel mixer in chrome

That’s why we often talk about designing products from the inside out. Because, by striving for the highest possible performance, we make groundbreaking design possible.

Working this way has led us to create ceramics that are both ultra fine and ultra strong. It’s helped us offer unrivalled levels of durability, safety and comfort for shower and tap users. And it’s given rise to a new era in flush technology, and the world’s most hygienic toilet.

Joy wall-mounted basin mixer and bath spout in chrome, Linda-X vessel and bathtub in matt white

Ipalyss & Linda-X, made possible by Diamatec®

Achieving the thinnest, most precise designs in bathroom ceramics, Diamatec® was developed using a unique blend of alumina and chamotte. The result is a new material that allows designers to achieve the near impossible: highly complex and challenging designs with unprecedented strength and durability.

Diamatec technology

Linda-X basin in gloss white

Ipalyss vessel in gloss white

FirmaFlow®, the hidden brilliance inside

FirmaFlow® represents the pinnacle cartridge development. It offers users precise control over water temperature, makes scalding a thing of the past, and reduces water wastage. With extraordinary powers of durability, FirmaFlow® means your tap stays at peak performance twice as long as the industry standard.

FirmaFlow® cartridge

Ceraplan basin mixer A basin and Ceraplan basin mixer

FirmaFlow® Therm, powering your everyday.

Our newest thermostatic cartridge innovation means our showers systems can be smaller, sleeker, more ergonomic – and still deliver, day after day. Packed with energy- and water-saving features, FirmaFlow® Therm brings control, comfort and safety, helping ensure the best possible showering experience.

FirmaFlow® Therm cartridge

FirmaFlow® Therm cartridge

Ceratherm T25 shower system in silk black

Ceratherm T thermostatic shower mixer

AquaBlade®, taking washrooms to the next level

Cleaner, quieter and smarter, a toilet with AquaBlade® advanced flush technology delivers superior, splash-free flushing, even at low water volumes. For spaces where hygiene is key, and for washrooms where first impressions are essential, AquaBlade® delivers new standards in design, engineering and performance.

Blend Curve toilet in gloss white

AquaBlade® integral channel

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