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Wellbeing trends

Taste is an extension of the self.

— In focus

Our collections offer ways to express that style in your home that helps promote calm, and enhances daily wellbeing.

Edge vessel mixer and Strada II vessel

Mix our products, match your style.

Our collections and products, like form and function, go together beautifully – so you can achieve on-trend styles. We bring to you three interior styling atmospheres - bohemian, monochrome, and modern classic to help you create your wellbeing vision.

Edge vessel mixer and Strada II vessel

Strada II vessel and Adapto furniture unit

Trend #01

Bohemian Beauty

Pairing rustic, handmade materials with neutral tones, wood finishes and plant life for a space that is both tactile and calming.

Edge wall-mounted basin mixers, Strada II vessels and Adapto consoles

Trend #02

Modern Classic

Combine contemporary ceramics, utilitarian furniture, chrome finishes and a colour pop for a serene, stylish bathroom.

Connect Air wall-mounted basin mixer, vessel and furniture unit

Connect Air wall-mounted basin mixer and vessel

Trend #03

Pure Simplicity

Achieving simplicity isn't a reductive process. It's about curating a space – choosing pure shapes, a single colour, an aesthetic that contains only what is essential.

Strada II vessel

Endless opportunities for self expression.

Whatever look and feel you want, whatever function you need, our uniquely adaptable furniture combines form, finish and flexibility.

Ceraline basin mixer, Connect Air vanity basin and furniture unit, mirror with ambient light .

Edge basin mixer, Connect Air vanity basin and furniture unit

Cerafine D basin mixer

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