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Our heritage, innovation and expertise have given birth to collections made for modern living. Collections that inspire, that expand possibility. Geometric or organic, classical and contemporary, and with products in all categories and colours, we offer you limitless opportunities for self expression.

Combining clean geometric lines with manufacturing excellence to create a contemporary space that embraces style and strength in equal measure. Sleek contours, gentle curves and soft edges combine to create a rich elegance that belies the precision engineering hidden beneath.

Edge + Strada II

The perfect partners, built around simplicity, durability and performance without compromising on design. The slim contours of Strada II perfectly compliment Edge's geometric lines.

Innovative design and unprecedented lightness draws its inspiration from Scandinavian styling. Simple, minimalist beauty designed for everyday living, bringing subtle elegance to your space.

Connect Air

Extremely versatile and made with an almost weightless beauty, Connect Air's fine edges and slim, tapering profiles bring a sense of freshness and elegance into any home.


With soft geometries and an organic, cylindrical shape Ceraline offers a timeless design – along with a higher spout for greater comfort and convenience.

We work to create a seamless synergy of functional perfection blended with aesthetic beauty. Purity of design and purpose blended with hidden brilliance elevates the shower experience into a transformative space of ritual.

Ceratherm T + Idealrain

Because we design every model from the inside out, these collections perform beautifully, every time. Thanks to the hidden brilliance of FirmaFlow® Therm, you can enjoy unrivalled levels of durability, safety and performance with an ergonomic design that delivers, day after day.

UltraFlat New

Free from the unnecessary, stripped back to something essential, smooth and stylish to give the seamless appearance of a wet room.

Have everything you dreamed of. Furniture and fittings built to give you total freedom to shape your dream bathroom. These collections and products, like form and function, go together beautifully – helping you build to your exact needs, with a place for everything, and everything in its place. This is modular design with a personal touch.


A fully modular system that adapts to your style and needs. The complete system offered by our Adapto range includes storage units, storage shelves and accessories – in addition to a variety of sizes and finishes.

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