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Hygiene. On your side.

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From hotels and airports, to offices, museums and restaurants, handwashing is more important than ever in preventing the spread of infections. Done properly, it gives us the confidence to get back to daily life knowing hygiene is on our side.

Intellimix® touchless taps dispense soap and water from one device, making improved hygiene possible.

A tap that does all the thinking

Handwashing can have a huge impact on our personal and collective wellbeing. It can mean the difference between a healthy workforce, for instance, and high absenteeism - or worse still, serious illness.

Which makes getting it right more important than ever. But thanks to the automated, touchless technology of Intellimix® for public washrooms, it’s never been easier.

Intellimix® / Chrome finish

Intellimix® Deck Mounted / Chrome finish

Every drop is precious

Saving water isn’t a luxury, it’s a must. That’s why we designed Intellimix® to use 85% less water than standard lever taps when following the wash cycle recommended by the World Health Organisation. Not once or twice, but for the lifetime of the product.

Not all soap is the same

As well as fighting harmful bacteria, it’s important for soap to be gentle on even the most delicate skin, as well as cruelty- free and kinder to the planet. That’s why we developed our own Intellimix® Mild Antibacterial Foam Soap, delivered in precisely-timed portions and saving up to 80% soap in the process.

Introducing Black Onyx

Available in a sleek Black Onyx colourway for a bold, impactful look.

Substance meets style

Choosing Intellimix® in sleek Black Onyx colourway is the perfect way to create a statement and add impact in any washroom, while our chrome finish creates a more classic look. It also comes in deck and panel mounting options, fitting beautifully with all of our washroom configurations.

Intellimix® Deck Mounted / Black Onyx finish

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