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Rest, relaxation and bathing

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Sinking into a warm bath has long been a way to relax and reinvigorate our minds and bodies, promoting vitality and nurturing well-being.

Tonic II bathtub / Silk White & Black finish

A healthy luxury

When colour and contours come together beautifully, the humble bath becomes an indulgent experience that can promote sleep, manage stress and help the body heal naturally.

Cleansing the mind and body

A ritual dating back 4000 years, bathing continues to have a special place in the modern home. As well as serving a practical function, it remains an instinctive way to melt away the stresses of everyday life - with the contours, colours and style of the bath itself at the heart of it all.

Linda-X bathtub

Soaking up a sense of well-being

When the flawless design of a bath combines with the healing effects of water, a warm bath has the power to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and enhance our overall sense of well-being.

Conca bathtub / Silk White finish

Dea bathtub / Silk White & Black finish

Making time to switch off

In a world that’s always on, it’s not only nice to switch off but essential for our health. Having a warm bath promotes a better night’s sleep - with the style of bath creating a comfortable experience.

Our vision at Ideal Standard is to always make life better for our customers.

Around bathtub / Silk White finish

Linda-X bathtub & Joy Free-Standing bathtub spout / Silver storm

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