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Face to face with Rossana Orlandi

— Interview

Always elegant and with a strong personality, Rossana Orlandi is amongst the most important design influencers in the world. In little more than twenty years of activity, she has established herself as one of the sharpest and intuitive international design talent scouts, hosting personalities with a different flair. Discover her hidden gallery, how she nurtures relationships with designers and why it's time for guiltless plastic.

Una stanza di Tabula Rara, an invitation-only event organized in 2004

A former tie workshop, at a stone's throw from Sant’Ambrogio, The Rossana Orlandi Gallery is a special, hidden place. On entering the beautiful courtyard of the old Milan you are greeted by a pergola of climbing American grapes and a thousand flowers that change from one season to the other: this is the first exhibition place, the outdoor living room, furnished with unique pieces - all for sale - mixed with flair and fun.

The first space of the Rossana Orlandi Gallery. Dinners, conferences and book presentations take place here, all furnished with outdoor furniture.

Entering the original three-storey building you will find yourself in a maze of rooms, corridors and stairs leading to other exhibition spaces, each featuring a particular flavour and appeal.

The BistRo managed by Aimo and Nadia is located next to the Galleria Ro. The space has been entirely furnished by Rossana.

The counter at the entrance of the BistRo in via Matteo Bandello.

Rossana sources and discovers her designers to showcase at her gallery. In many ways, much dependson the quality of what they bring me: I never stop at theobject alone. For me, it is important to look people in the eye to understand how creative they are. I'm not looking for exploits that don't go any further.

Ophelia (2013), a suspension light made of thin metal ribbons, by Morghen studio.

— Awareness and conscience have their place in design.

We want to give an important message to the world of design. Too many useless plastic objects surround our daily life and too much non-biodegradable waste is suffocating the planet. Starting from these considerations, we launched an internatonal award aimed at designers.

The Ecoact Tanzania team signs is one of the winning projects of the Ro Plastic Award 2020. It is made with waste plastic from industrial and food packaging.

— Building lasting relationships with designers is key

A relationship of great friendship has been built over the years and they often call me their mother, perhaps because I discover their talent, I launch them and follow them for a long time

Rossana's latest discovery is beautiful. It is an armchair made with the golf balls recovered from the driving range by an admirable Australian boy, who sent the prototype to me at his own expense during the Covid lockdown. He started from the study of the molecule of the atom, designed the frame and built it. I am already thinking of a way to launch him.

Prototype of Golf Weave (2020), a seat made with golf balls by Jake Rollins.

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Mood board

Scroll through Rossana Orlandi's mood board, and discover her eclectic and often humorous taste by understanding what inspires her.

A clear and bright sky.

The National Museum of Qatar.

Irony - What would life be without a little lightness?

Peony: the flower of the east. A good omen and symbol of prosperity.

Leonardo da Vinci —a multi-faceted world of infinite research.