Ideal Standard


Design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

A minimalist collection of basins, furniture and fixtures inspired by Ideal Standard Conca basin of the 1970s – a collection that introduced considered design to the world of the bathroom.

Conca’s organic curves combined with deep geometric and sensual details, takes the collection to a new level of purity.

Conca unit / Matt Sunset finish

Conca basin mixer / Magnetic Grey finish

Conca basin / Glossy White finish

When done right, a well-designed project completely transcends its function and becomes timeless. Some of Ideal Standard’s designs, created by Italian icons such as Ponti and Castiglioni are perfect testimonies to this principle.

Roberto Palomba

Conca bath tub and Conca bath mixer in chrome

Tracing our past

Originally designed by Master Designer Paolo Tilche in 1972, Conca had a profound impact on the culture of design. Now reimagined by Ludovica and Roberto Palmoba, the collection stays true to its geometric and sensual origins while evolving its purity to a whole new level.

Development sketch by Roberto Palomba

Forging our future

Development sketch by Roberto Palomba

The collection combines classic elegance with the genius of modern manufacturing - our advanced technologies bringing pioneering form and function to design previously unthinkable in the 1970s.

Conca basin mixer / Silver Storm finish

Perfect for every lifestyle

With a merging of timeless aesthetics and world-class manufacturing techniques, our award-winning Conca collection comes in a range of sizes - offering everybody the chance to relish the past with all the functionality cutting edge design can offer.

Conca basin and basin mixer in chrome

Conca bath tub and bath mixer in chrome

Timeless Style

This sleek interpretation of an iconic design has all the sophisticated character of the past, while being fit for modern life. It’s where classic meets contemporary, innovation meets beauty, and simplicity meets meticulous attention to detail. It’s timeless style at its finest.

Conca basin / Glossy White finish and basin mixer / Silver Storm finish

Conca round vessel and pedestal

A modern classic

Tactile beauty and function come together like no other classic design reimagined before now.

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A new era of design, deeply rooted in our rich heritage, continuing our contribution to the Eternal Value of Design.

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Ideal Standard


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